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The latest ‘Mini Pamphlet’ is ‘Burning Books’ published to coincide with Theresa May’s attempt to drive this country even further to the right….

The first in an occasional series of small subversive pamphlets of poetry from the Horseshoe Press.

Eight poems about politics, books and poetry to be given away free at the Jermy and Westerman reading on Wednesday 26th of April

Ltd. Ed. of 25 all given away. Now out of print.

Some poems have been added to the new edition of Burning Books pamphlet below.


Burning Books- Shaun Belcher
Poems 2016 - 2017

Horseshoe Press Pamphlet No. 2

Horseshoe Press Pamphlet No. 2 is a baker's dozen of poems and a short story.

Contains the flagrant deracination of a mind made febrile by compromise now lashing out at this lotteryland disunited kingdom as it drifts into barbarity, euro scepticism and outright zenophobia...

An apt rejoinder to the post Brexit daze of summer...the cover photo is a plaque on a bank wall in Dusseldorf.....an apt symbol of present priorities. We are all buying time these days....

Drifting Village HPP1

The Drifting Village - Shaun Belcher
Collected Poems 2000-2011

Horseshoe Press Pamphlet No. 1

Poems about Greyhounds, Refugees, Workers at the Rover Plant Oxford, Scottish Outsider Artists, Politics, Rain, Love and Atomic Science.